All Grooming- Prices will vary based on dog size and condition andcoat type also How you would like the coat styled

The entire process generally takes 2-4 hours depending on size of dog and amount of hair and how well the dog responds to the process. Includes Spa bath with Hydro surge warm water massaging entire body helping remove excess hair and dirt, Blow dry, Thorough brushing out. and Styling of hair nail grinding  emptying of anal glands if needed,   ear cleaning and plucking of hair if necessary.

Nail Grinding $12 without grooming service

offered as an individual service leaves nails smoother than just cutting the nail also much easier and less stressful on the dog. It is included with each full grooming

Anal Glands without a full grooming service $15

(enough said...)

Teeth Brushing and Breath Freshening Treatment $10

Teeth brushing  and breath freshening treatment also includes light removal of tartar buildup on case by case basis.

De-Skunking $25

This process is in addition to grooming it adds at least 45 minutes to an hour onto grooming time. This is Mandatory for any dog coming into the Salon that has been sprayed by a skunk

Deep Conditioning Treatment $10

Great for Dry Coats! Advanced moisturizing treatment This can be added to any Full Grooming service

Blueberry Facial $10

Great deep cleaning treatment for the face. Helps remove dirt, odor and staining while deep cleansing. This is an add on to Grooming

Flea & Tick Funeral $20

Non-pesticide all natural soothing shampoo to eliminate fleas & ticks. This is only offered with a full grooming and the process may add and additional 45 minutes at least to grooming time. 

***Mandatory for any dog we find fleas on!!***

Furminator Treatment $15

Great for reducing extra hair! De-shedding shampoo conditioners help remove the loose dead undercoat without damaging the topcoat. High velocity blowout and de-shedding finishing treatment helps bring out the natural oils to promote healthier skin and coat.

Pawdicure $10

Anti-micro bacterial Paw Scrub helps kill bacteria and germs while naturally fighting fungus. Great for dogs who lick their paws to keep the paw bacteria free. Only offered as an addition to grooming service

Calming Lavender Vegan Massage Lotion & Treatment $15

Nurtures skin and coat. Non-greasy easily absorbed lotion is massaged in and then your pet is wrapped in a warm towel. Process may add an additional 30 minutes to grooming time

Grapeseed Oil Paw & Nose Revitalizer $10

From the grapes of Tuscany Italy. This antioxidant grapeseed oil blend helps to moisturize and revitalize dry cracked paws & dry nose. Enriched with antioxidants, vitamin A, B, B5, D and E.

Exfoliating Butter Wash $10

Helps exfoliate the skin and remove dead hair from the coat created with jojoba beads and added botanical extracts in addition to exfoliating. This product will moisturize the coat. But is also Great for Naked Dogs skin and keeping it in condition

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Try Something New!!

Creative Grooming prices vary

We offer creative grooming.... We can:

Create a new look for your dog by clipping and styling the coat in different ways.  We also offer Dog approved non toxic hair color for highlights or all over based on owners request. Colors available may vary always a good idea to plan in advance call and ask if you have a specific color in mind that you would like we can generally get most colors in within a week.

Priced is based on amount of time it will take to achieve look you would like. 

More complicated styles may take more than one visit to achieve.

Nail Painting $15

We offer a variety of colors to choose from for a new look or just to change things up a bit

Mohawk $10

We can do just a simple Mohawk on your dogs head or running the entire legnth of the body think about it you may also want to add a little color just to show off your fun loving side. 

Stenciling $15

we can clip out different stencil patterns and designs

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Between Grooming Appointments

Ear cleaning and hair plucking $10

This is for ear cleaning between grooming appointments very helpful if you have a dog that has chronic ear infections or grows large amounts of hair in their ears that needs to come out to reduce the risk of infection and wax buildup

Nail Clipping/Grinding $12

We use nail grinder and grind every dogs nails as the dog will tolerate it, it leaves a smoother surface and is generally far less stressful on the animal. *(note) if the dog will not allow grinding we will try and clip the nails with K-9 nail clippers

Facial Trim $12

tidying up of face between grooming appointments. keeps hair out of eyes and cuts down on tear buildup in corners of the eyes. 

Teeth Brushing $10

brushing of teeth and light tarter removal if dog allows for it to be done. 

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